For me, the urge to write and draw is such a strong force that I become extremely unhappy when I go too long without doing those things. Sometimes I wish I could be happy just getting home from work and relaxing. I of course do plenty of that (especially once the TV is on), but there’s always the inescapable feeling that I need to be doing something creative. The problem is that I’ve always lacked enough discipline to commit to writing a novel for anything more than patches of time, since that’s like, you know, real work. This comic serves as a satisfying if imperfect fix. It allows me to tell stories both visually and through writing, and in a reasonable amount of time. The down side is that it takes up enough hours to prevent me from spending too much time on any other projects (even when I’m feeling more disciplined and determined to work on prose), and it has its limits in terms of how far it can go. I don’t completely own it.

Getting back to my first point, I feel like my innate urge to create is similar to Valkyrie’s destructive urge to steal and otherwise cause chaos. She doesn’t do it because she needs the money or because she’s expected to act that way in her career as a member of organized crime. She does it because she loves it, because it’s thrilling and core to her being. When it’s taken away – such as her self-preservation-dictated hiatus from her usual brazen antics after they pissed off the wrong people – she goes stir-crazy and listless. The result is her committing somewhat minor acts of crime such as stealing restaurant silverware and shoplifting to get that fix. It’s small-time enough that her crime lord superior won’t notice, especially since she’s out of uniform (another reckless thrill in itself). It may not be the current career path of her dreams, but it’s satisfying in its own ways.

– This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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