Blacktron was the first Lego Space theme to present a group of astronauts that were not the classic space agency. Blacktron were the villains of the Lego Space saga, made obvious by their choice of jet black spacesuits, vehicles and bases. Lego later produced Blacktron II, a series which had some really cool designs. The new Blacktron outfits seemed a little too colorful, though, and not very menacing.

Looking back at this first comic, it’s funny to think that it was just meant as a joke about ships with separable cockpits. All the winding storylines and most of the characters hadn’t been thought of yet. The only planning I had done was an outline for the story “Meteor Madness,” which was originally intended to be the debut adventure. I decided, however, that it was too complex for me to handle right out the gate. Instead, I started with some quicker comics that would introduce the characters.

Also, looking back, I see how I’ve improved. The photography is (mostly) better. It took me awhile, but I eventually figured out how to use anti-alias in my paint program to smooth out the lines in the speech balloons. In the first few comics I also had a problem with the placement and size of the panels, until someone told me that the layout tended to cause the reader to view the word balloons in the wrong order. I think at some point I’ll go back and correct these problems, especially if I do a print edition of the comics.

-This is not an official Lego comic. This is a tribute.


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