Valkyrie’s been laying low from her usual criminal career due to threats from her fellow Blacktron pirates, so I figured that had to be driving her law enforcement pursuer, Officer Freundlich, nuts. Freundlich’s quest to capture Valkyrie hasn’t been depicted in a long time, and in reading back through their previous comics, I realized I had actually shown Valkyrie displaying her face to the guy who was after her! D’OH! This kind of conflicted with later comics in which she was very concerned about anyone seeing her face, or at least connecting her visage to the notorious Commander Valkyrie. The facial distortion field in Blacktron helmets is absolutely a retroactive fix, but I also liked the idea. And Valkyrie is the kind of person who would take a chance like that for the thrill, and to taunt an opponent she was also trying to briefly distract with her flirtations in that particular story. When the comic started, both Schwartz and the reader assumed that Valkyrie was a man, until the dramatic reveal. I’ve settled on her gender perhaps not being known by everyone, but not a secret either.

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