I’ll admit that this wasn’t the original fate I had planned for the clones. Initially, I thought I’d write them out by having them go off on a deep space mission, then one day have them inevitably return to cause more problems for the real Galanos and Schwartz. But then a couple things changed my mind. The first was that the Best-Lock ships fall apart if you as much as exhale on them, and photographing them was an immeasurably frustrating experience. There was no way I wanted to shoot another story with those ships (as cool as they looked), let alone try to keep them assembled in storage or go through the frustration of trying to build them again. I suppose my annoyance with the ships came out in what happened to them in the story, which is meant to be a darkly humorous meta moment. The other factor, perhaps more important, was the fact that the clones were intended as a slightly distorted but still recognizable reflection of our heroes, an alternate take on the paths they could take. And the idea of experiencing the death of your clones (perhaps akin to experiencing the death of a twin in the real world?) eerily hits too close to home.

Anyway, that’s the end of “Bootlegs,” the longest story I’ve ever done. Geez, it lasted five months?! I’ll probably try to keep the stories a little shorter in the future, but no promises. 😉 I did make an effort to include a lot of characters and locations in this one so it felt a little more varied than other longer stories I’ve told. Next up is a short visit with the Space Police, and then we begin “The Search.”

– This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute. Nor is it related to Best-Lock.

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