This has always been one of my favorite comics, and that’s probably why I flashback to it so often. Which is funny, because it’s a big set of flashbacks in itself. In retrospect, every adventure seen here seems to be based on Galanos and Schwartz’s love of TV. Captain Kirk and his crew once ran from a giant cat on Star Trek, and the skeleton scene is a tribute to Jason & The Argonauts. The dynamically lazy duo are big fans of Indy movies and the many Harrison Ford clones that star in them in the far future of the comic, as would be revealed following the short appearance of Indy here. And the Han Solo in Carbonite gag is a small continuity error, as Schwartz and Galanos darn well should know what that is! They even admit the mistake in a later comic. Finally, the flashback to the Academy days is important, as it shows the group of friends that are central in many ways to the comic: Weiss, Amarillo, Schwartz, Galanos and Red. By no coincidence, those are the colors in which Lego released its Classic Space astronauts, and I gave them all names to match. Oh, the last panel is supposed to be Schwartz throwing up in Galanos’ helmet, but that wasn’t clear to everyone, so I did a whole other comic to explain it afterwards. LOL 

-This is not an official Lego comic. This is a tribute. 

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