After two silly comics, it was strange to post a page that played it straight. But if you’ve read my comic for awhile, you know I like to do that once in awhile. In fact, this is nothing compared to the extremely dark “Last Face You See” storyline. Still, I’m reminded of one guy who saw my first couple of comics and lamented the fact that this wouldn’t be an ultra-serious, hard sci-fi Lego Space comic like he had always wanted. Sorry, guy, that’s just not my kinda story. :-/ 

This was the beginning of the UFO storyline, which is core to the overall story even if it disappears for a bit now and then. I really like that shot of the alien android observing the base. 

One more note – the base in this comic was originally meant to be the Space Agency HQ, which totally wouldn’t have been appropriate since it is an Exploriens base. Thankfully, I soon acquired the Inter-Galactic Command Base, a true blue Classic Space set, and the Android Base seen on this page just became Captain Amarillo’s hang-out. And yes, this was also Captain Amarillo’s debut, but more on him later. 

-This is not an official Lego comic. This is a tribute. 

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