LEGO and Playmobil aren’t that similar, but they aren’t that different, either. Playmobil toys aren’t construction sets, but they do require a fair bit of assembly, with impeccable detail in vehicles and buildings (if not so much the highly stylized Klicky figures). Both encompass a wide universe of themes and characters. Both are produced in European countries and have been a toyroom staple for decades. LEGO has a much larger empire and prevalence around the world, perhaps due to the expense of Playmobil sets. For example, LEGO is sold most everywhere in the United States, but only specific stores carry Playmobil (which does include Walmart). But it’s hard not to notices a certain… correlation… between LEGO and Playmobil products. I could be imagining this, but if LEGO produces, say, sets based around ancient Egypt, or castles, or city life, or their own movie, Playmobil soon does the same. (Playmobil generally tends to favor more historical accuracy and attention to detail, while LEGO focuses more on adventure, in my eyes.) This similarity is stunningly clear when you look at the Playmospace sets from the 1980s. Not the ships and bases so much, but OMG, the colorful astronauts seem awfully familiar, don’t they? I don’t have a ton of Playmobil, but I have picked up enough to tell a fun, parallel little story. And don’t mistake my position, I LOVE Playmobil. Their Wild West sets are incredible, and their recent foray into Gen X toy properties are a bullseye with adult fans. I couldn’t resist the Back to the Future DeLorean and the Ghostbusters II Ecto-1A with all four Ghostbusters. The Star Trek Enterprise is too large and expensive for my collection, but I can’t say I don’t pine for it, being one of the toys I’ve always dreamt about—an Original Series Enterprise with a built-in bridge playset that can also hold the crew. What’s great about LEGO AND Playmobil is that they both offer a deep and engaging world of fun for all ages.

— This is not an official PLAYMOBIL comic. This is a tribute. Recommended for older kids and adults.
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