You may have noticed that my Twitter account has changed from “LegoSpaceComic” to “SpacetheComic“. It’s for the same reason I consider the comic’s official name to be SPACE: The Comic and have dropped “Lego” from the title. The LEGO Group is pretty easygoing about webcomics and other creative ventures that use their products, but one of the main things they ask is that you don’t use the word “Lego” in branding an unofficial product. If you want to read more about LEGO’s “Fair Play” rules, read this thread at the Brick Comic Network, and see the “Fair Play” policy on the official LEGO page HERE. Very handy to have if you’re considering a brick comic (as we call them) or website about LEGO of your own.

– This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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