I keep starting novels and short stories starring the characters of SPACE: The Comic and never finishing them. It’s still a goal of mine, but the comic itself always ends up taking up most of my free time for creative endeavors. Nevertheless, I thought I would post some excerpts here over the course of the next handful of comics for you to enjoy/critique.  Keep in mind that these are all early drafts and not completely fleshed out, but I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Today’s excerpt is from the start of a story I wrote retelling one of the comic’s earliest adventures, “Icy Relations.” It would have been the second Space Audiobook, has that project continued. This is actually as far as I got with it, but I would like to continue with it at some point:

Commander Schwartz had just fallen asleep in the comfy lawn chair he had placed in the snow when a command burst rudely into his helmet: “Get to the ships! Now! They’ve lost their minds!”

Schwartz popped up in the chair like a piece of toast and hurriedly glanced at the frozen mesas around him. His heart repeatedly punched his chest from the inside. Seconds ago, he had been on a beach in Maui devouring a cheddar cheese crab cake. Jolted out of that dream, he was suddenly faced with icy wind howling against his armored spacesuit’s helmet as it kicked up plumes of snow around him. Through hazy eyes, Schwartz spotted three nearly identical mountain peaks poking up in the distance beyond the white windstorm and his addled brain clicked into place; he was on the ice world Crystal, a planet stuck in an eternal snow-day.

There had been a frantic voice yelling at him in his head. Had it been part of the dream? No, no; it more likely had come through his helmet’s communications system, Schwartz figured, his senses returning. There had been someone there with him… Galanos! Commander Mikey Galanos. The pieces of the last few hours reassembled themselves as Schwartz settled back into reality. Galanos had set off across the frozen valley on an anti-grav ice-sled two, maybe three, hours before. Schwartz had cataloged the music files in his ship’s stereo system and then kicked back for a nap, awaiting his friend and colleague’s return. Next thing he knew, Galanos was yelling at him to prepare for immediate take-off. What had gone wrong?

Schwartz squinted as he stared across the valley in the direction Galanos had left, his eyes slowly adjusting to the glare of the sun bouncing off the ice. It was mid-day, and the glare was so strong that it even penetrated the midnight-dark visor of his helmet. The wind died down for a moment and the swirling snow began to disperse.

– This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute. Nor is it related to Best-Lock.
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