Next up, the big reveal… at least I hope so. I don’t usually keep you guys informed of the behind-the-scenes details at Space: The Comic, but this  is one of those times that I’m a bit concerned and feel I need to express myself. Back before I had my own website, the comic got it’s start on another hosting site. That was nice because it was free, had its own community, was easy to use and was free, but using it came with consequences. Namely, you signed over certain rights to your comic when you joined. It was there in the fine print. While I am still the comic’s author and writer, that site is like a silent partner with a controlling stake.  It rarely happens, but they technically can exert their control if there’s something they don’t like about any particular comic. I mean, maybe I’m being paranoid, but I sense there are certain grumblings about me from my former host, and it’s causing my anxiety level to go up. There was that terse email about me not posting a comic all week until today.  I explained that I worked an unusual amount of hours this week at my day job, but they said it was no excuse and that the comic needs to maintain at least two updates a week to be viable. There were no threats or anything, but the tone just seemed, I don’t know, more impatient than usual. Coming on the heels of one of the site’s mods posting a comment in the forums about how some of my readers have better ideas in the comments section than I usually include in the comic, it worries me. Of course, she used a smiley face after the comment, so maybe she was joking. I’m sure I’m just being a Nervous Nestor. But let me tell you, this constant dark cloud hanging over my head is so tiresome. I’d give anything to be free of my Evil Overlords!!! Ha ha ha!!! Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have called them that, but you know where I’m coming from, right? Sure you do. Okay, see you next week!

– This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute. This also has nothing to do with Best-Lock.
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