In elementary school, there was this mysterious stairway to a lower floor that our class never entered. Many of us were convinced that there was a dungeon down there where the really bad kids got tortured with meat hooks. Several years later, during my younger brother’s sixth grade graduation, I decided I had to finally put the matter to rest. Gathering up my courage and propelled by curiosity, I detoured alone down that hallway and snuck down the stairs into the quiet, musty, secret level of our school. There was a pair of doors down there, surely the entrance to the forbidden student dungeon. I crept toward the doors, my ears attuned to the approach of any teachers or janitors who would promptly capture and contain me. Fight or flight be damned, I had to finally know! I peeked through the windows and saw… drums, cymbals, brass instruments, sheet music stands. Yes, our terrible dungeon was just a music room. Surely a realm of audio tortures, but no iron maidens or racks. Of course, maybe it had only been converted to a music room in more recent years… I’d rather believe the less mundane. 🙂

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute. Recommended for older kids and adults.
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