I just can’t seem to get The Commodore’s outfit correct. He’s supposed to be a standard Blacktron II minifigure, but with a rocketpack. In his early appearances, I mistakenly used a figure with white instead of black arms. I intended to correct that in this storyline, then ended up using a figure that had all-white legs instead of the normal white-legs-with-black-crotch style of Blacktron II. The reason for these mistakes is twofold: Part of it is my occasional lack of attention toward detail as I set up scenes with multiple characters and ships, and try to get my photographs completed as quickly as possible. The other problem is Bricklick sellers who are sloppy with their products. (Bricklink, if you don’t know, is a great website for purchasing LEGO parts and sets from sellers around the world.) In both cases with The Commodore, I bought Blacktron II figures from sellers who claimed they were complete and accurate, and the figures ended up having the wrong parts. I’ve had many great experiences on Bricklink and I realize LEGO is a tough product to sell loose because it involves so many small parts, but this happens far too often (frequently with parts being missing). Some Bricklink sellers need to be more careful. As for an in-story reason for The Commodore’s different outfits, I just assume he likes to change up his style a bit and be special.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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