I had a plan to get my cat to participate in photographing last week’s comic, “Autumn Getaway,” by bribing her with treats to jump up on the table and mess with Schwartz. However, the moment I set Schwartz’s house on the table, she jumped and, without any bribes, immediately played the role I had envisioned for her in my head – terrorizing poor Schwartz. I guess I know my cat well!

When shooting this week’s comic, I placed my television flat on its back with a Star Wars movie on pause in order to capture the spaceship scenes. Soon after, this happened:

She discovered how warm the television screen is and settled down for a rest. From the angle, I think she ended up resembling a screensaver. 🙂

Cats + LEGOs are always a challenge!

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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