I’m sure my recent viewings of “Waco” and “Wild, Wild Country” had NOTHING to do at all with this storyline….

“Waco” was an engaging miniseries, although I recommend reading some of the history as you go along. The facts of the incident, especially the final hours, can be murky and contradicting at best. The show tried to play it down the middle and at least hint at some of the different ideas, but I felt it certainly sympathized with the Branch Davidians. This isn’t a bad thing, to humanize the people who died in this tragedy, but at the same time the series perhaps softened David Koresh a little too much. Also, the more I’ve read, it sounds like the Branch Davidians may have started the fire – accidentally or purposefully – and the series didn’t give this idea any more than brief lip service. Once again, it’s hard to say since the accounts of the standoff vary wildly. But it’s an excellent show.

And “Wild, Wild Country” – Wow. I can’t believe I had never heard of this fascinating piece of American history, and this Netflix series documents it in captivating fashion, thanks in large part to the extensive archive footage available. Highly recommend this show for your next binge!

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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