Oh man, 500 comics. In a way, I hope this comic doesn’t get to a thousand because I pray I can wrap up all the MANY dangling storylines by then. But the truth is I love making comics and always have. (I used to draw them, which I’m no longer as good at, but found I like utilizing photography even more.) When I take, say, a four-year break, I feel like I’m missing a creative outlet in my life. So maybe continuing indefinitely with SPACE: The Comic, even if it takes eons to tell, isn’t such a bad thing.

As I mentioned last week, the 500th comic is actually five comics. It was TOO BIG TO CONTAIN IN ONE COMIC! lol “Seeing Red” and the fates of Red and Captain Dash will continue immediately after “500” concludes. You know, this storyline really could just have been called “Meteor Madness III.”

The, um, new version of Schwartz you see at the end is a custom action figure I assembled using parts from Dr. Mego’s Repros, Classic TV Toys, old G.I. Joe air tanks I found on eBay, and a sticker sheet from LEGO’s Mars Mission series.

Thanks for sticking around for 500 comics, everyone! Here’s to… more!

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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