Ah yes, one of the crown jewels of my collection, the Intergalactic Command Base. Lego Space has had a lot of great bases, but this was clearly the center of operations (or at least the largest) for the Classic spacemen. It was built with little hands in mind but still manages to impress me with its size.

Looking back on this, I spotted a continuity error I never noticed before. Here, Schwartz explains why he wouldn’t want the 918. But soon after, he’s jealous when Weiss says he wants it for himself. Guess Schwartz changed his mind quickly! 

The last few panels are based on this fear I have of the dead rising behind my back, ever since I saw something like that in a movie once. And the story Schwartz tells about a ghost in the back seat of a vehicle is based on a true story. Freaky, huh? What I stupidly didn’t connect until now, and I wrote the damned comic, was that Schwartz’s ghost story in similar to what happens at the end of the comic! It goes to show that writers sometimes subconsciously include themes in their work; it’s not always planned out. 

-This is not an official Lego comic. This is a tribute. 

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