I’ve been known to write a whole comic to address a gaff I’ve made. This is a prime example. This whole comic came about because I discovered that some people were confused by the final panel in “Shootin’ the Solar Breeze (Part 3).” The punchline gag was that Schwartz gets sick from drinking too much and pukes in Galanos’ helmet. But the way I shot the picture, it looks like the ship is flying and the helmet flew back and hit Schwartz in the face. Which is kind of funny, too. What also didn’t help is that I removed the canopy of the AERO-Module in some shots so you could see the characters within. It’s creative license, as my intent is that the canopy is still on and the ship is airtight, even if it doesn’t look it with or without the canopy attached. So, it raised the question of whether Galanos could breathe in space without his helmet, which wasn’t meant to be an issue. While I made the ending of the previous comic clear in this strip, I of course still took pictures of the ships with open or removed windshields. I hope people just get used to that. In the end, this comic became the intro to a three-comic storyline I already had planned. And I think the whole story will be better with this comic as the opener.