HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I do need to use this holiest of haunting holidays to make a few important announcements:

1. I’m not thrilled to do this, since I’ve diligently maintained a regular update schedule (Sundays and Wednesdays) since the comic returned in early 2017, but I’m taking a vacation from producing comics for the month of November. This is because I’ve chipped away at writing a book for the past two years, the research consuming so much of my attention and time. It stresses me that I’m not further along in the actual writing, so I want to focus my creative energy and hours on trying to make some headway in the book. One day, I’d like to actually finish this project!

2. SPACE: The Comic will return on Sunday, Dec. 5, picking up right where we left off with Thorsos and Megalos probing Earth’s history with UFO encounters. The Roswell and Aurora, TX UFO crashes have already appeared in the quiz. Which famous extraterrestrial incidents do you think will come up next?

3. I’ve received many great responses to the READER POLL! Thank you! If you haven’t yet submitted an answer, feel free over the next month to tell me your favorite SPACE: The Comic character and why that is. Your answer will be featured in a future comic!

See you soon…

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute. Recommended for older kids and adults.
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