t’s been way too long since the last comic, so I wanted to come back strong with the mega-sized 200th comic. There’s still one part of “Satan in the Shadows” left, so that’ll go up next.

The idea here was to give an idea of how the Space Agency got its start and to show how it connected to the other Lego Space themes that seemed to be set during an earlier point in time. I also wanted to show just how important Dash was, to contrast with how far he’s fallen. The quirky Robot Command Center is one of my favorite sets and I’ve been planning to use it in a way like this since the beginning. It was originally going to be Schwartz and Galanos paying a visit there, but it worked better with the Twins. I also couldn’t resist using the Stardefender “200” and the writing on its cockpit to mark the 200th comic. As for the twist at the end… just wait and see where that goes! Fun fact: I think this is the first time I’ve let a black-suited astronaut speak who wasn’t Schwartz!

I finally got the new laptop cord this week and was not happy when the laptop still wouldn’t acknowledge it. However, it suddenly started to, and God knows why. What it tells me, though, is that it’s actually a problem with the computer and could eventually require a motherboard replacement if it stops mysteriously recovering. It’s a common problem with Dell laptops, apparently. And it REALLY sucks. To be safe, I’ve started backing up all my files, which I should have been doing anyway. It also means that the comic could go on hiatus again if the laptop suddenly decides it doesn’t want power again. I hope that doesn’t happen and that, if it does, it’s a long way off, because I don’t have the funds right now for costly computer repairs or a new computer. It’s now just unpredictable and temperamental, so I’m hoping for the best.

Finally, thanks to everyone who encouraged me while my laptop was down, and thanks to everyone who has kept reading through 200 pages! There’s a long way to go in the story, but there is a plan!