I asked readers what they’d like to see in the 100th comic. Worker201 from classic-space.com responded almost immediately with an idea that was so perfect and like something I would do that it was like he had reached into my brain and pulled the idea out. I went with it and it became the longest comic I’ve ever done. Thanks for the great idea, worker201!

Here’s what worker201 wrote: “I’m thinking the 100 should be one of those “Remember that?” retrospectives that sitcoms used to feature. Galanos and Schwartz could be trapped somewhere and thinking they are about to die, so they see their lives flash before them. Like meeting Valkyrie at the theater, some memorable crashes, etc, all documented with photos from past comics. They could also have some fake remembrances, like “Remember that time we had to fight those dragons with the M-Tron guys? Dude, that wasn’t us. Oh yeah.” Of course it turns out they’re not dying, it’s just some twisted prank Schwartz has come up with.”

I need to revisit the idea that the main Space Agency characters get together once in awhile to play cards. I haven’t done enough with the idea that they’re all friends. And Red especially needs more attention.