We all get to that point in life where any illusions of permanence begin to crumble. Relatives grow older, get sick. Beloved pets reach the end of their time with us. We see our own youthful elasticity begin to harden and crack. Doors of hope, of what and who we wanted to be, close softly one-by-one. And living in an era like we do, outside pressures and threats begin to crush down upon us.

I’ve been so blessedly fortunate to have large segments of time where I can keep living in wonderland, cozy in comfort with loved ones and the things that make me happy. But reality is slowly seeping in. Like it does for all of us at some point. It’s a constant dodge, facing the truths I despise and despair at, trying to rationalize them, and scrambling back into a warmer place of being. But this can start to seem silly. How do you keep deflecting the assault of universal constants as they become more and more aggressive? The best I can settle on, as trite as it sounds, is to bleed the most out of every moment, to attempt to make the ever-changing now the best place it can possibly be. Trying to remember the years gone by with nostalgia but also the fact that they are intrinsic and present in the person each of us exist as today.

It’s tough to forget the sadness of our past, to zoom in on the pleasantness of our better, once present moments. I’m trying, but it’s hard. I don’t want unavoidable fates to taint the simples pleasures of today. I certainly fail constantly at making the present matter, but even the leisure of wasting time is something to be treasured. I’m just a bit overwhelmed, feeling the perpetuity of everything slipping away, some at jet speed and some glacially. But it’s all going in the same direction. Ignoring this and living in the moment – it seems dishonest but how else is there to live without collapsing into a disastrously depressed mess? How do you hold taut onto the ropes of stark truth and defensive denial when they’re pulling so fiercely in opposite directions? I guess you just stand in the center and hold on as long as you can.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute. Recommended for older kids and adults.
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