A brick comic maker’s dilemma: Use LEGO for all sets or let your characters mingle among non-brick objects? Aside from the characters, ships, some buildings and occasional other set pieces, I definitely fall in the latter category. I commonly shoot in front of a TV or computer screen (not always successful, but it does add a nice glow). And I really enjoy creating settings out of other household objects, such as my wife’s mermaid blanket and a frisbee in this comic. On one hand, it is a little weird to see brick characters and ships among objects that are from a non-brick-based universe. lol But on the other hand, it does fit the nature of a comic starring toys, and the ways kids play with them around the house – on the kitchen table, on top of a bed, in the backyard, etc. I freely admit that I don’t always take the time to create elaborate sets and instead go for what will allow me to complete the comic in a timely manner. I don’t mind letting expressionism supersede detail or realism. But I’m fond of the look of my pages that ditch the computer/TV screen in favor of a cardboard backdrop of stars and other objects that suggest environment. And of course, the most important thing to me is manipulating the minifigures in ways that convey emotion despite being fairly limited and static. I want it all to feel alive, you know?

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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