This is finally the end of a storyline that started way back in August, back when the sun was out, the air was warm and I was relaxing on the beach when not taking photos of the Hamburger Hatch late at night or avoiding earthquakes! Granted, I took several weeks off from the comic since then. Next up is probably the most ambitious story I’ve ever done, in terms of the sheer amount of locations used. It’s a somewhat epic storyline called “Bootlegs.”

I don’t have much of the LEGO I had when I was a kid, but one thing I have had all these years is the minifigure that I use for Red (hence the completely worn, white symbol on her chest). I didn’t have her hair back then, of course, but she has been “that red astronaut with the jetpack” in my collection since the mid-1980s. Of course, her jetpack is nowhere to be seen on this page. :-p

– This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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