So, you probably didn’t expect to see the clones, right? Neither did I! But I roll with where my weird imagination takes me. However, in spite of the clones showing up for this little flashback story, I don’t intend to ever build their ships again. As cool as they look, they crumble to pieces way too easily. (The appearance of the ships in this comic is obviously cribbed from the last time I photographed them.) Even the minifigures barely stick together. BEST-LOCK is trash; I’m sorry to be so blunt.

Now, with that ringing endorsement, I have an offer for you. The BEST-LOCK “War of the Planets” set is a large box taking up valuable real estate in my apartment. I’m looking to unload it but it’s probably not even worth selling because: (a.) While I think the set is complete and includes some extra BEST-LOCK stuff, I’m keeping the figures for Not-Galanos and Not-Schwartz. However, I think doubles (clone-clones?) of them can be assembled from the other figures in the box. (b.) The box is damaged on one end. (c.) BEST-LOCK can’t be worth more than pennies, right?

So, if one of my loyal readers here on would like to add the BEST-LOCK “War of the Planets” set — officially used in SPACE: The Comic — to their collection, I’m offering it for FREE, first-come, first-serve with these two conditions:

1.) You must have an address within the United States. I just don’t want to pay a small fortune in shipping.
2.) I would LOVE if you sent me a guest comic (even a short one) using the BEST-LOCK set. As long as it’s not way offensive or something, I’ll gladly include it in the SPACE: The Comic canon.

First person to comment below that they want it and who meets this criteria gets the set. You can contact me through DM on the comic’s Facebook or Twitter with your mailing address.

I fully expect this set will be claimed in anywhere from minutes to years. We shall see! 🙂

(My set isn’t in as shiny, new condition.)

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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