When I said the last comic was the final part of “Fun on the Runway,” I lied. This is. Well, I actually thought of this comic afterwards because I had wanted to use Lt. Coldwell. It’s part of my recent effort to flesh out a lot of characters who haven’t received enough attention.

Another thought…

The nature of this whole comic is a constant conflict for me. I would like to do more with the characters and the story, as those are my own creations. But they’re tied to something that’s not mine, the Lego sets and designs, so it hampers what I can do. Yet, people may never have read it in the beginning if not for the fact that it was built with Lego. And the Lego plays into the mood of the whole thing, and helps me create the story I want because I can take photos of it instead of draw, which takes me a lot longer and produces a lot less. I really wish I could somehow make the comic more official, but haven’t found a way yet. I have been writing prose fiction using my characters and stories, divorced from anything Lego-releated, and might try and do something separate with that, but the comic is still the main project. I kinda painted myself into a corner.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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