It was an honor to win “Best All-Ages Comic” in the 2018 Drunk Duck Awards! The Drunk Duck community is one of the best parts of my comic-creating experience, ever since I posted the first “Lego Space” comic way back in 2008. There is so much talent and so many friendly, giving, creative folks on Drunk Duck. Even though I’ve long had my own site at, Drunk Duck still tends to be the center of interaction for this comic. That said, I admittedly do toe the line when it comes to the “All-Ages” category. There have certainly been several instances of mild curse words, gruesome toy-on-toy violence, barely concealed nudity and allusions to all manner of depravity. But the medium being LEGO, how bad can it really be?? 😀 We’re certainly a strong PG rating around here.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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Drunk Duck Awards Best All-Ages Comic 2018