I’m trying to develop a strategy that will help me continue photographing a month’s worth of comics in one night while at the same time telling shorter stories. I believe it requires a calibration to the way I write, placing the action for that session (and at least eight comics) in one setting, like a play. I need to be able to set the “stage” one time and get shooting. As it is, the typical session takes about four or five hours. I wrote “Drag Kings” with a feature-length plot and multiple settings, although at least most are on the same planet. “Back in the Black,” which I’m going to finally complete next, is a super-ambitious story with multiple settings and a variety of characters. I want to complete those tales as scripted, but after that I’m attempting to (for the most part) return to shorter stories or at least plan them out better as not to run myself ragged! As I keep saying, some year I’d like to get to the many pivotal moments I have planned.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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