And that wraps up another year of SPACE: The Comic! Happy 2019!

Honestly, I wish I could move the overall plot along faster. I know that individual stories can sometimes proceed at a glacial pace. That’s a compromise I’ve had to make to keep the comic going. My photoshoots are time-consuming, so I try to squeeze as many comics as possible out of one setting. I tend to overwrite a bit with a lot of gags, side conversations and exposition, so it’s already there in the scripts. In the past, I just made longer comics. Today, I break them down into smaller and smaller chunks in order to give me more updates. I also think shorter comics make for an easier read. But the overarching plot can now take months to tell. “Drag Kings” has been a lot of set-up thus far. But after the next several comics, and starting with my next photoshoot, the story tilts full-on into non-stop action! I can’t wait!

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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