While preparing this year’s Christmas comic, I realized it was way too long and would work better as three comics. So, what that means is you’ll get daily comics for Dec. 23, 24 and 25 – sort of like a shorter version of the Advent Calendar I did a few years back! After that it’s back to “Bootlegs.” I hope I don’t confuse anyone too much by sticking four unrelated comics in the middle of it.

Now, onto another matter… I was glancing over at the site for fellow webcomic “12 Men Died Making This Strip,” of which I’ve always been supportive, and came across this post from the author, Tim. In it, he has the nerve to blast me and my comic on several points! See his points and my rebuttals below:

  • He says I am “weak” and that he can destroy me quickly.

– Me and my 100% authentic reproduction of Connor MacLeod’s katana from the Highlander franchise say otherwise. If you are speaking purely of words and wit, I ask this – Of the two of us in this feud who studied writing in college, who is actually doing it for a living? (The fact that the writing is contained to soulless corporate press releases shall not enter into it!)

  • He complains that I get traffic to my website through Reddit and LEGO bulletin boards.

– I merely know how to whore myself out properly. My LEGO brothers and sisters understand me. And Reddit is purely a hit-generating machine, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Note: If you are from Reddit and reading this, Hi, I love you!)

  • He says my taste in music is horrible.

As I sit here listening to Queen. Tim, I know you could never lie and say you aren’t a complete Queen junkie, lest the enraged spirit of Freddie Mercury descend shrieking and drag your betraying carcass into a temporal plane where you will be eternally subjected to nothing but Hot Space.

  • He scoffs at my characters having almost completely expressionless faces (disregarding this being the fault of the LEGO medium).

– There are many shades of perpetual smile: happy smile, conniving smile, uncomfortable smile, etc. That classic LEGO smile has more expressions than you ever dreamed possible.

Not to mention, “12 Men Died” isn’t even alive at the moment, limited to random pictures of squirrels and stick figures while you go about your George Lucasian task of remastering all 12 of your previous strips.

To you, Sir, I toss back at you this image of your own creation to sum up my feelings on the matter:

Suck on that. And Merry Christmas.

– This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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