Someone brought up awhile back that the yellow astronauts look dangerously close to being naked. To my horror, I realized they were right. So naturally I took it to the next level. And I had to work in the awesome Space Police III “Smash ‘n Grab” set I recently obtained. Purple is rare in Lego, but is featured heavily and effectively in this set.

It’s comical to me to think that, when I started the comic nearly two years ago, that I’d have the main storyline (the one about the UFO aliens) wrapped up in a hundred comics. I just passed 250 and that storyline isn’t close to being done. But that’s because many more stories have developed along the way. It’s hard for me to even give you an accurate preview of what’s coming next, since my plans are in constant flux based on my creative impulses.

Be that as it may, here’s a vague idea of what I would like to accomplish in 2010: The main thing I want to do is spotlight as many characters as I can, as some barely even showed up in 2009. And I want to try and push along the stories. I don’t expect to wrap everything up this year, not a chance. But I do plan on the following: the end of Date Night, and soon; Date Night II (lol, I know), but featuring a different pair of lovers that needs more attention; more Blacktron; revelations about Schwartz’s stalker; finally, the return of Captain Dash; and progress in the UFO storyline, including more of the Twins. You’re currently in the midst of an important part of Ronald’ story, naked Masoch shenanigans aside. I don’t know how the overall pace will go, but I do have a lengthy outline worked out for the whole shebang. I expect that overall it will be a five-year voyage. And there’s another important project related to this comic that I hope to unveil shortly.

– This is not official Lego nudity. This is just a tribute to nudity.