Do you feel this comic has changed in any significant ways since it returned?

When I try to honestly look at my output since I came back, compared to the comics I created before my four-year hiatus, I notice a few things:
– A larger emphasis on action and horror
– More ambitious setpieces, and more frequent reliance on practical settings than computer screens. Overall, I feel like the comic looks better than it ever has.
– Slightly more violence, semi-nudity, and deviant sexual references from Schwartz. I used to rarely kill anyone; lately it’s been a background character bloodbath.
– More planet-bound adventures with individual characters, less “Space Agency in Space”-type stuff. This one didn’t hit me until I recently read “A Brickish Space Comic” by Captain Settle. That comic reminds me a lot of this comic in its early years, and illustrates how my style has changed, not necessarily in ways I consciously intended. I definitely mix in a lot more drama than I used to, and take the characters to different and exotic locations. I’m going to try and keep mixing up things going forward, making sure I don’t stray too far from space settings, goofy jokes and the feel of the “LEGO Space” universe.
– Finally, it might seem like I’m taking forever to address dangling plot points. (I guess the comic’s always been that way, honestly.) But I’m actually sticking pretty closely to the outline I’ve had for years. I’ve just expanded it a little bit. For example, I always wanted Scouse and Ronald to have an adventure together, but it evolved from “solves a mystery at The Hamburger Hatch” to battling a shark and a Thunderbird. Valkyrie’s troubles with Blacktron have long been part of the plan, but I (spoilers) introduced Marrón recently as an additional antagonist. The mysterious “Green Lady” that I introduced in “The Hunt” is the start of a plot-line that’s been in my head since the very beginning of this series, although I changed the character’s appearance since the green astronaut minifigure didn’t exist at the time. So it all follows the basic outline and will tie together; it is just taking a long time to get there since I only post one or two comics a week and have been trying to offer the stories room to breathe.

I welcome your comments, criticism and effusive praise. 😉

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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