If money were no object, which LEGO set would you purchase?

I almost want to choose the Death Star (#75179), as I love the amount of Star Wars “scenes” crammed into that set, and I’ve heard it might be going out of print this year (surely leading to even higher prices). Aside from the price tag, I never bought the Death Star because I just don’t have anywhere to display it. BUT the LEGO set I would actually choose if money were no object in the original Galaxy Explorer (#497). It’s the seminal Classic Space set, a true beauty, and I kind of feel like a fraud for not owning it. lol In fact, the only sets I have from the early, blue and gray era of Classic Space are the One Man Space Ship (Dash’s #918 in this comic) and the Beta I Command Base (#6970). That’s why I established the beginning of the Classic Space era as being set a few decades before the comic began.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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