I can sometimes empathize with writers who are accused of plagiarism. There are only so many ideas that get reinvented in new ways. It’s not hard to believe that two creators with no connection whatsoever in the whole of recorded history could come up with the same story. There are also unconscious influences, where something you read or viewed a long time ago can accidentally seep into your work as a new idea. Case in point – I thought Schwartz’s pub game about identifying butts through a sheet was my own twisted notion, but after I completed the comic I remembered that I had heard the characters on the sci-fi sitcom “Red Dwarf” make a similar – if not exact – joke. So in this situation, let’s just call it an homage! The characters, humor, and style of “Red Dwarf” should be pretty evident influences on this comic, anyway.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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