Originally, a bowl of rainbow sherbert – the food of the gods – was to star in the part of Meteor Madness ice cream (and it still did, technically). But there were two problems with that. First of all, the bright purple, green and orange of the sherbert in its natural state didn’t photograph well, looking washed out and bland. It also wasn’t consistent with the bright purple popsicles that I’ve used to depict Meteor Madness ice cream previously. So the sherbert got a quick purple makeover, complete with toxic-looking and inexplicable blue and green highlights. It’s also worth mentioning how difficult it is to shoot a comic strip with my cat around once food of any kind appears on the table. Commander Schwartz and Captain Kirk were constantly menaced by a giant housecat who wanted their ice cream during the making of this comic. I hope they didn’t end up eating any cat hair! Here’s a photo showing that my cat was already up to no good even before I brought out the sherbert…

And yes, I did thoroughly enjoying eating that large bowl of sherbert as I photographed the comic! Sadly, I did not end up in the MEGO Toys dimension.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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