Galanos has almost sorta met Valkyrie on two occasions. The first was when he actually met her during the Indiana Jones movie premiere but had no idea who she was. This was immediately before Schwartz began dating her. The other time, she was on the back of Schwartz’s motorcycle and wearing a helmet, so Galanos met his buddy’s girlfriend but had no idea what she looked like. Schwartz is deathly afraid of the constant “nagging” he is sure to receive from his best friend should Galanos learn he is dating a wanted criminal. Galanos just hasn’t put any of the pieces together… YET.

Side Note: During the time period of this storyline, Commander Valkyrie is still laying low from Blacktron, whose commodore has given her an ultimatum to provide dirt on Schwartz in order to get off his literal hit list. The resolution of that storyline, “Back in the Black,” was supposed to go up this year, but won’t be told until 2019. I hate leaving stories in limbo. However, I have shot some of the remaining pages of “Back in the Black” and it will conclude after “Drag Kings.”

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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