So, there’s this whole genre of cryptozoology focused on mysterious, dead creatures washed up on the beach. You have your sea serpents, your globsters, your Montauk Monsters. When I think of these accounts, I often picture a black and white illustration or a faded photo from some New England newspaper in the 19th Century. COULD THAT HAVE BEEN THE KEY TO DISCOVERING A FABLED CREATURE, AND DID IT COME ASHORE BRIEFLY ONLY TO VANISH BACK INTO THE VOID UPON THE CHANGING TIDE??? No, no it most likely was not. Usually it’s just the lumpy, barely recognizable, heavily decayed carcass of some poor, deceased (but to known to science) sea creature. Or a raccoon who couldn’t swim, if you’re the Montauk Monster. So I of course had to touch on that cryptozoology trope in this storyline. ARE YOU LISTENING, TV TROPES??? Anyway, the Thunderbird ain’t dead and we finally, FINALLY THANK GOD, get some glimmer of what Coldwell and Xenu are up to.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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