I almost went back and deleted or re-edited the last comic. I wasn’t thrilled that I gave the Thunderbird a moment of weakness when it tried to change direction to follow Ronald and Ms. Galanos and crashed into the lighthouse, momentarily stunning itself. (A similar thing happened recently to a hawk that swooped down to snatch one of the smaller birds eating at the feeder on my porch, missed, and smacked itself into my glass door. After a few loopy moments sitting on my lawn, the hawk flew off to a tree to recover its pride.) Sometimes you write yourself into a little corner. I needed to give Ronald and his mother a chance to escape certain death; I had to incense the remaining cultists; and I wanted the Thunderbird to hold a grudge against Ms. Galanos and Ronald, which will be important later. I just regret making the Thunderbird look like a big turkey in the process!

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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