I posted a bonus Wednesday comic last week, so skip back if you missed it. In fact, I think I might try switching from one usually long comic per week (on Sunday) to two shorter comics a week (on Sunday and Wednesday), at least for a while. I received some feedback recently that my comics are too long and the dialogue too dense, factors which make reading them a chore, especially for new readers who are unfamiliar with the ongoing story. That feedback supports the mild to negative reception the comic gets on Reddit. My shorter strips tends to perform better. I think many causal readers are used to brief, gag-based comics. SPACE: The Comic is never going to be that, but I do think I bury some good jokes and moments in longer comics. I also view each comic more like a scene in a movie, or a long comic book page, than a singular punchline-based strip. I also don’t think more updates per week is a bad thing!

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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