Unitron excited me when it came out because it was reminiscent of Classic Space, but it was a bizarrely short-lived series in the LEGO canon. There were only four sets released over two years, and one of them was the massive Monorail Transport Base! There was also Space Station Zenon, the Crater Cruiser (seen here) and the Star Hawk II (Why II? There wasn’t a Star Hawk I.) I only ever had the Crater Cruiser, but always wanted the sleek Star Hawk II. It seems to now be a rare and somewhat pricey set, but I might have to finally cave. (Merry Christmas to me…) Here’s a secret. You can add the parts list for a LEGO set to your want list on Bricklink, then use the “Easy Buy” feature to find all the parts in various Bricklink stores. Often, this will end up being cheaper than purchasing an intact set.

— This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute.
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