This weekend, I visited an old friend, his wife and their three kids. The five-year old girl was playing with DUPLO bricks, the square ones that are hollow and designed to look like rooms or small buildings. She was stacking them to see how tall she could make her “apartment tower,” and inevitably the whole thing would come crashing down. Then the rebuilding process would begin. The play and the brick themselves were nearly the same as what I remember from so long ago. As I watched her happily occupy herself with LEGO, stuffed animals and action figures on the living room carpet, I recalled those days of childhood that seemed so simple and endless. Even if I still enjoy LEGO, I believe that feeling of magical bliss is gone for good. But it’s awesome to see it again in each new generation.

– This is not an official LEGO comic. This is a tribute. This also has nothing to do with Best-Lock.
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